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A Place To Achieve

At 47 years of age, dedicated father and veteran cyclist Scott Butler has achieved great success within track cycling. Starting as a successful junior mountain biker, Scott quickly drew his attention to road racing and track cycling. With years of experience and racing under his belt, he has won countless national and state masters titles in a range of cycling disciplines. Such results include National Points Race Champion as well as State and National Teams Pursuit Champion. An integral part of his being, his relationship with the Olympic ‘Dunc Gray’ velodrome located in Bankstown has allowed his competitive attitude and natural ability to prosper.

(As seen below, Scott Butler situated within the centre of the velodrome holding a recent bronze medal). 








Hear More Sounds Of Seaside Serenity

 A place where the sea breathes. A place where some find serenity…

The cool breeze and taste of salty air is something that cannot be solely explained simply through a sound piece. Again, the bustling lights and anchored vessels glistening over the dark blue water can only be truly experienced in person. Here we see the challenge through portraying this space through sound. 

Although it is challenging to portray a setting as rich as this through sound, it still serves as one of the most valuable methods of storytelling when accompanied by visual images. The thick texture of the individual clambering over boulders accompanied by the crunch of shoes on rocks along with the sway of grass gives us a very ‘real’ and ‘human’ connection to this place. It feels like we are being placed here, experiencing the sounds of the seaside. We can almost sense the calmness of the ocean and allow the peaceful, untroubling aesthetics to take over, even if it is for just one minute.