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Meet the People-An Extra Treat!

This short, yet sharp Vox Pop introduces us to the vibrant personalities within the University of Wollongong that were asked to convey their individual perspectives on various topics. In Journalism, students have learnt that is vital to recognise that allowing interviewees to feel comfortable as they are questioned is as important as gathering answers. With this confidence, fantastic moments that would not happen if the situation was too ‘formal’ and ‘serious’ arose allowing the true personalities of the students to be highlighted. As the process of interviewing went on, the students felt more at ease and answered questions more confidently. Additionally, spending time with my interviewees allowed us to create a strong connection before the interview process began paving way for great responses.


All good and Fun! Check Out Vox Pop One!

What do you think of Journalism students?

Questions such as these allowed a wide array of first year students from various degrees to voice their strong opinions on topics given through the form of a vox pop. Within this video, university life is seen as a diverse topic, with many contrasts as to what life as a student is thought to be. Those that were interviewed comfortably expressed these opinions and provided answers which were entertaining. Some responses were similar, whilst others allowed an alternate understanding through their unique representation of their own perceptions of university life.

Hey You! Are You on Vox Pop Two?

This second vox pop reinforces the theme of perceptions of university life through contrasting the opinions of first year students compared to second year students. Similar to the first vox pop, various opinions on topics can be seen in settings spread all over the campus of the University of Wollongong. The differences in the transition to high school to first year and first year to second year established strong perspectives. Hence the life as a university student is defined by individual perception. The choice of interesting subjects allowed these perceptions of university life to be highlighted greatly whilst being entertaining.

So take a look, are you in vox pop two?