About The Author:

Hi, I am an eighteen year old student who attends The University of Wollongong. I am currently studying a double degree in Journalism & Media and Communications. This blog is intended to explore the personal stories of individuals. In recent posts I interview my classmates within journalism and tell the story of current development within the journalism industries through aggregated posts drawn from a range of credible sources. Check out my most recent post on 47 year old state and national medalist Scott Butler! Please leave some feedback/comments and follow me.


You can find me on:

Twitter at https://twitter.com/HeyBlairArnold

WordPress at heyblairarnold.wordpress.com, this blog highlights the different and changing perspectives of both first year and second year students’ ideas of university life. Check out the VoxPop interviews I conducted and let me know what you think.

captainkeyboard.wordpress.com Is my media and communications blog. I highly recommend taking a look at this blog if you are considering studying this course at university or are interested in issues within the media.

Follow some of my favourite bloggers from University (for more check out my blogroll):

“18, Struggling actor, possible radio presenter and definite pole dancer. My posts are real, and they are juicy.” Go to: http://whichmitch.com/ and read an interesting ‘love tale of two Gluten intolerant Spaniard lovers’

Follow Jake at http://jakepascoe.com/, He’s up for a bloggie at the 2014 BCM110 presentation:

“My passions include music, acting, reading, history and watching TV shows. I also believe myself to be creative, ambitious and quite competitive person” follow Blake Stanbridge.

Follow Youtube sensation Veronica Cremen who tackles the issues of the media at: http://veronicacrem.wordpress.com/about/

Follow Journalism and Media and Communications student Lauren at: http://laurenferri.wordpress.com/about/

Follow Todd’s consistent and in-depth blog at: http://tleussink.wordpress.com/


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