Aspirations and Issues-What Will You Do?

In today’s modern age, the role of journalism is changing and with this, issues within the field are becoming prevalent. Four journalism students from ‘The University of Wollongong’ were interviewed on personal career aspirations. They were also faced with questions in relation to issues within journalism. These questions included the decline of print media and the increase of online aggregation as well as the role of journalism attempting to be entertaining rather than informative. The interviewees included first year students, Sally Krajačić, Ellen Haak, Liam Ruz and Lauren Ferri.

Sally (Left) and Ellen (Right),   Ready to Discuss The Issues of Online Journalism and the Quality of News

Sally (Left) and Ellen (Right), Ready to Discuss The Issues of Online Journalism and the Quality of News

“Where do you intend to go once you have finished your degree?”

Sally: “Hopefully I complete a few internships, make some connections and get work with a magazine or TV, National Geographic is my dream.”

Ellen: “Ideally I would love to go into music journalism, and write about issues within that industry as well as reviews, but who knows.”

Liam: “I haven’t thought of it.. working full time, hopefully!”

Lauren: “I would love to travel to New York or London for a break.”

“With sharing and clicks influencing online news articles, do you think that journalism is attempting to entertain rather than inform?”

Sally: “It is how the individual interprets the information given. I share articles all the time but its not because the article has entertained me for a bad reason its because I like it so much I want others to read it because the article to me has a purpose.”

Ellen: “Yes, I think so. I think that companies/news publications are writing their pieces in order to get more hits, to get their statistics up. In saying that, there are also many journalists who are sticking to the more informative ways.”

Liam: “Yes and no.. I think that in order to make a profit, some journalism sites are doing all they can to survive… eat or be eaten type thing. However, quality journalism is still out there for people to find.”

Lauren: “No, not really. I believe that journalism is all about informing people. Though without it being a tiny bit entertaining, I doubt anyone would pay attention.”

“Do you think that with the decline of print media and the rise of online aggregation, curation and blogging that the quality of news has the potential to decrease?”

Sally: “I definitely think that because it’s there and increasing, it has the potential for some users to abuse the industry and use it for no good. Online media is rapidly growing and this can discredit some paid journalists work.”

Ellen: “Yes, definitely. At least with print media it was monitored who actually published and wrote things. With online stuff anyone can post anything about whatever they like.”

Liam: “The potential for a decline in news quality is definitely there. I think not only that but people’s standards for quality news will begin to drop with aggregated stories becoming the norm.”

Lauren: “It’s definitely a possibility! I mean, everyone has the resources at their fingertips, and it’s so easy to just do what they like with it. There’s so many people that may not even think of becoming a journalist that can reach out to people through the internet and that is a good thing about online journalism.”

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