The Poolroom is the Place

"Put it this way, whenever I'm stressed or on break, you'll find me at the UniBar, it's the perfect place."

“Put it this way, whenever I’m stressed or on break, you’ll find me at the UniBar, it’s the perfect place” says twenty-two year old University of Wollongong Journalism student Mitchell Fletcher

At twenty-two years of age, Mitch Fletcher has found the ‘perfect place’ to spend time both alone and with friends, embracing University life as a mature student. To most, the UniBar is where friends gather to enjoy a drink and lunch together. But to him it is much more. In a tucked away section of the building lays the poolroom. This is Mitch’s safe haven, where anxieties of a demanding life as a university journalism student are washed away as he twists chalk onto his pool cue. To Mitch, pool is more than a hobby or something that is reluctantly played with friends. This room is a part of a calming process that gives satisfaction.


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